Four Men – One Family – One Dream 


Our motto already explains the connection between the four team members.

We are one family, three brothers and a cousin, who share the same dream: to cross the Atlantic ocean.

Ever since Georg followed the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in 2017, he was overwhelmed by an energy and curiosity that has never left him. He determined to tackle the challenge. The team was formed within seconds, and so the HELVETIC WAVES association was founded with the members Georg Stocker, Sebastian Stocker, Matthias Odermatt and Peider Stocker. From the moment the decision was made, the team has been working day and night to turn this project into reality.


Our newest team member HEIDI


Our boat Heidi, type DOR34, crossed the Atlantic for the first time with 4 Swiss women at the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge 2019.



Facts about the boat:


Type: Dor34


Weight: 950 kg


Length: 9.5 m


Width: 1.9 m


Year of construction: 2019