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After the completion of our Challenge, the surplus money will be donated in full to the non-profit organization IG Familie 3+. IG3+ is a Swiss organization that has been supporting Swiss extended families with three or more children since 1997.


Activities of IG3+ are:

- Social exchange on Facebook

- Clothing packages on request

- Arrangement of vacations for large families

- Networking with other families

- "breathers" for "burnt-out mothers"

- Mediation of good fairies and surrogate grandmothers

- Banquet for mothers and fathers in January

- Family day for the whole family in late summer

- Food packages in emergency situations

- Acceptance of applications for financial support

- Networking with other European organizations for large families

- An open ear for every emergency in life

- And much more


We chose this organization because we ourselves come from families with several children. We enjoyed the privilege of having no money worries and experiencing an unforgettable childhood with all the comforts.

With your help we can help Swiss children to have a childhood as carefree as possible.


For us personally, we are only claiming the priceless experiences we are allowed to gain during the preparation as well as during the crossing - thanks to your support.

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